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Is this microphone still working…?

June 11, 2022

I’m not really sure where to go from here on this blog and am contemplating if the yearly expense to host the domain is even worth it at this point. For a few years I was telling myself that I had to hold onto the domain because if I want to sell my products, it was best to have the domain. However, now that life has shifted into a new chapter, I’m thinking of retiring this site. But then today I was scrolling through the blog and I’m actually really impressed with myself of how much I really put into this site at one point! There’s a LOT of well written content and I’m really proud of myself for doing that, all while raising a baby! *pats self on back*

I have some topics I can still write about but not sure this is where my passion is still. I love writing but the blog at the time was my avenue to share the knowledge I was learning in my parenting journey. Even though I’m very much still a parent, it’s a different chapter of parenting.

As I sit here, I just keep thinking that I’m typing this for no reason because it will just become another draft and I won’t revisit the site for another 2 years and repeat. Last time I attempted to draft something was 2020 and it was similar to this one today – 2 years later.

It was a good run while it lasted – thanks so much for taking the time to read and stop by! It’s much appreciated! ūüôā


Step by Step DIY Video Tutorial about How to Make Chapstick

April 26, 2017

I’ve briefly mentioned on¬†the subject of making chapstick ‘here’. Since then I’ve perfected my own art of making chapstick and wanted to show you all how easily¬†it¬†can be¬†done!

This is the¬†first¬†of many DIY¬†video¬†tutorials from Natural Mommas. Here I’ll show you¬†the basics¬†of¬†how¬†to make chapstick! After watching this 2 minute video,¬†I promise you’ll be inspired to¬†try it for yourself too!! Please¬†share¬†this with others about how truly easy it is! And I promise, your lips will thank you too!!

A HUGE Thank You goes out to United We Stand Productions for the outstanding production and assistance with this video!!

Now here’s the low down on how to make the chapstick – from what’s needed,¬†to the measurements, and step-by-step instructions.

Supplies needed:

Pot for boiling
Steel/Metal Bowl for mixing
Dropper (disposable is best)
Empty Chapstick containers with caps
Rubber binder to hold containers together


1 Tbsp. Cocoa Butter
2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp. Sunflower Oil
1 1/2 – 2 Tbsp. Beeswax
8 Drops Vitamin E Oil (or 4 tablets worth)
Pea-sized drop of Lanolin
4 Drops Rosemary Essential Oil and 8 Drops Peppermint Essential oil


–> For a smoother, more oily chapstick (usually preferred for cold fall & winter months)¬†– reduce the amount of beeswax. For a firmer, and¬†longer-lasting chapstick (usually liked for warm summer weather) –¬†add more beeswax, could be¬†up to double the amount.

–> Use 3 parts carrier oil to 1 part beeswax (minus the¬†‘butters’ from the calculation since they are solid at room temperature). If too soft, just re-melt and add more beeswax.¬†If too hard, add more oil after re-melting.

–> General idea regarding how much¬†essential oil to add¬†–¬†about 2 drops per container – so add at your discretion (less is better) depending on what essential oils used and preference.


  1. Over medium heat, boil water and melt the cocoa butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil and beeswax in a bowl. Stir well until all melted.
  2. Turn off the stove but leave on the burner.
  3. Add a few drops of vitamin E oil, a pea sized drop of lanolin and stir into mix.
  4. Lastly, add the essential oils and stir until mixed in.
  5. Then¬†test a small bit on your lips or skin to¬†ensure it¬†is¬†what you’d like.
  6. Add the mixture slowly into your empty chapstick containers with the dropper. Continue this until all out of mixture.
  7. Put caps on chapstick containers, then move to the freezer to allow to settle and harden well.
  8. Remove from freezer and voila – your very OWN chapstick!

Did you enjoy¬†Natural Mommas’ first¬†DIY video tutorial?? I’d love to hear from you! Please¬†don’t forget to share with others and subscribe today!! You won’t want to miss the upcoming DIY videos to be shared soon ūüôā

Thanks again for the continued support and love!!

New Chapter, New Beginnings

March 1, 2017


‘Things always happen for a reason’ ‘Time heals all wounds’

Those clich√© phrases we have all heard¬†and said¬†at¬†some point in our lives because sometimes there just isn’t anything else to say to help them¬†feel better.


Yet, for the person who is enduring that life change and hears these phrases,¬†certainly doesn’t believe it at the time.¬†However, time truly does heal most wounds. Time can either zoom right past us in the blink of an eye or time can crawl by like a sloth.

What I’m attempting to express here is that my life¬†as I knew it, which I had built together with my fianc√© –¬†came crashing down shortly after Halloween. One morning we’re all carving pumpkins together as a family; by that evening we were on the straight path towards no reconciliation.

Since then, my life has taken more than a 180 degree turn for what I most definitely know is for the best!

I truly believe¬†in the phrase “It all¬†happens for a reason” and I am living through that proof! We all are!

My son, who is now 6, and I, live together with our two cats while he spends weekends with his Dad.

As these last few months have quickly passed and time is permitting a sense of normalcy again, I can truly tell myself¬†and believe that I will come out of this a better and stronger person! In fact, I already can¬†feel that sense of strength building but know that it certainly won’t happen overnight. “Time heals most wounds.”

I have gone through a plethora of emotions – dug deep and dark through some difficult feelings but at the end of the day, when I look at my son, that’s all I need to see to regenerate myself into the next day and beyond.

And as each day begins new, that feeling of fresh beginnings and freedom become stronger and brighter!

From here – there’s no telling what the future holds – The sky’s the limit! ūüôā

I’m excited to reveal my very¬†first DIY video on how to make chapstick very soon! Just working on the finishing touches, so please check back again soon!!

Thank you so much,

Natural Mommas Jen



Life & Time

October 6, 2016

I really want to reconnect with my blog and sharing more¬†but whenever I sit down or have the ambition to do so, I realize how ‘far behind’ I am and then get overwhelmed and change my mind and go do something else. Terrible, I know!

But if this continues, my great blog that I’ve put many hours into and worked really hard to develop will suffer even more and I don’t want that to happen!¬†So here I am –¬†just to check in and say that I’m still around and¬†I hope to share some new recipes and ideas¬†soon!!

What I’ve been up to lately is mostly just maintaining life through the daily life tasks and never ending schedules. School for my Kindergartener started at the beginning of August and has been going well but not as good as I was hoping. My goals of creating a learning schedule and dinner meal planning haven’t quite come to fruition yet but I haven’t given up yet either! ūüôā

We also added a few new members to our family: a tortoise named Waddell and a kitten named Meowsie. They were both welcomed with open arms and our other cat has adapted well to the new kitten, which we’re thankful of. It has also been fun to see our son take on a few more responsibilities around the house – now if only my hubby would figure this out too, it would be even better! ūüėČ (Hell, a woman can hope, right??)

So, even though my ideas for planning haven’t been fulfilled yet, I see and feel the¬† improvement and stronger¬†sense of together. I just keep reminding myself that bumps in the road happen for a reason and that we can make it through anything that’s thrown our way.

Anyways, thanks to all for your continued support and I look forward to sharing some great new ideas soon! ūüôā

I wish you all the best,

Natural Mommas Jen


A Chiropractor can help with what?!

March 1, 2016


Here’s my experience and story behind why we chose a chiropractor to help with preventing ear infections…

When I was growing up I had the worst luck with ear infections and¬†strep throat. I was continuously going into my ENT (ear nose throat)¬†doctor, when finally the decision was made to put tubes in my ears. Well, the tubes never liked to stay in my ear canal where they should, so after six sets of ear tubes, I¬†had¬†finally grown out of needing them. The last set actually fell out one day and when I noticed it I saved it to show my Mom (who, needless to say, wasn’t very excited to this!)

However, due to the multiple surgeries, there was¬†quite a bit of scaring and there is even a small hole in my ear drum¬†to this day! The good news is,¬†I haven’t had any more issues with my ears since then! ūüôā

Strep throat was my second enemy, coming down with it multiple times a year. (I must say, I LOVE the delicious pink amoxicillin though!)¬†I got strep throat so much that when we visited my Grandparents in McAllen, Texas (a Mexico border town), we would¬†go to ‘la Pharmacia’¬†and¬†pick up¬†a few bottles of ‘amoxicillin’ to have on hand. This saved my mom¬†trips to the doc and saved me from¬†the dreaded¬†strep test and that darn stick they jab¬†down my throat –¬†I¬†despised that!! ūüė¶

My very traumatized and scarred tonsils were finally removed when I was about 12, after I came down with strep again, after more than a year streak of being strep free! Since then I have rarely been sick or had strep ever again.

Once my son was born, ear infections were a fear of mine, given my history. I hoped he would never have to endure all the poking and prodding that went along with being sick all the time.

My son trucked right along developing and growing and he was rarely ever sick. He definitely is blessed with a strong immune system! I was SO thankful for this. When he finally got his first ear infection at 4, he never even complained of any ear issues at the time; it was his doctor who discovered it during his well visit.

This ear infection was determined to be¬†THE ear infection that wouldn’t go away. After the first meds didn’t do the trick, he was upgraded to the more potent meds. As great as antibiotics are, I prefer to steer clear if possible, but we felt so desperate for the infection to just go away!


After this whole experience, I did a little digging and decided to try a different approach to helping prevent ear infections, and¬†thus helping steer clear of unnecessary antibiotics. I had heard of¬†some great success stories using chiropractic methods to help deter¬†recurring ear infections in children from a Mom’s breastfeeding support group, so we checked it out. I made an appointment with a highly¬†recommended¬†chiropractor in our area¬†who is great with¬†kids.

Seeking chiropractic care helps to ensure the relationship between the spine and the nervous system are in line and functioning at full potential. Chiropractic care helps restore the normal body functions that can be thrown off when the spine isn’t in line. (There are¬†some fancy words¬†used¬†but I’ll stick with¬†my simplistic explanation.)¬†Since our nervous system controls and coordinates all of the¬†systems of our body, this is crucial¬†to ensuring our body is working at its¬†full potential.

Here’s a great general and¬†informative article summarizing Chiropractic care and small children: A Parent’s Guide to Chiropractic Care for Children

On our first visit to see Dr. Steve (Global Chiropractic, Dr. Steven Enriquez ),¬†he definitely¬†noticed that Dom was ‘off-kilter’, he performed a few quick¬†adjustments and¬†he was all done! Dom did a great job with the whole experience.¬†In fact, he now calls Doctor Steve,¬†“the clicking doctor” because he makes his body click. ūüôā

Children’s bodies are a lot more resilient than adults, which¬†means fewer adjustments are needed to help¬†kids realign the spine. (Yet another amazing way the human body¬†works!)

He remained ear infection free for about a year, until just recently when he got another ear infection. I truly¬†believe that had I¬†brought him in¬†to see¬†Dr. Steve earlier¬†when first¬†noticing signs¬†of phlegmiest,¬†he¬†would probably¬†have¬†been ear infection free. But in the end, it’s no biggie, as long as Dom is a healthy boy, we’re happy with that!

All in all, I’m glad that we sought out chiropractic help, in spite of¬†any pre-conceived notions I previously had about chiropractic care. The experience has been great and very positive. I definitely recommend chiropractic care especially¬†if your baby was born by C-section; is struggling with breastfeeding, has a colic, reflux, chronic infections, sleeping issues or allergic reactions. Even if none of these are¬†issues or symptoms¬†your child experiences, I believe there’s still many benefits in visiting a chiropractor for the whole family!

DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer

June 27, 2015

Did you know that in the U.S., a product can only be labeled as a disinfectant or antimicrobial agent after it has been registered as a pesticide with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)?  This is why you will never see essential oils with antiseptic properties advertised as antimicrobial.  (

Many essential oils, such as lavender and thyme, are even more antiseptic than phenol, which is the commercial standard for the antimicrobial industry.¬† In fact, herbs and essential oils have a remarkable ability to kill a plethora of germs, which is exactly why they’ve existed long before humans introduced all these harsh chemicals of today’s cleaners.

Using natural sources keeps the influx of resistance to antibacterials at bay and have also never been known to cause or increase such resistance like antibacterials do.  Thus the reason again why natural sources like herbs and essential oils have lasted for centuries!

Herbs and essential oils are not known to cause or increase antibacterial resistance.  In fact, these natural botanicals have a remarkable ability to kill a multitude of germs, which is exactly why they have been used for thousands of years in home remedies

 dr bronners


Rubbing Alcohol – 62%



Lavender oil

The measurements are based on the size of spray bottle you have.  I just had the original mini spray bottle from Dr. Bronners, so I used that.


1 part rubbing alcohol

1 part distilled water (recommended because of its neutral properties but tap water is fine as well)

A splash of glycerin (helps moisturize to combat the dryness caused from the rubbing alcohol)

A few drops of Lavender essential oil

Hint: Try out the consistency and go from there.¬† However, you really can’t go wrong here.¬† Just keep in mind the main goal of this is for antibacterial properties, so aim for a little more rubbing alcohol if your hands feel ‘sticky’ after spraying and rubbing together.

Are you sick of using all those ‘fake’ chemical filled hand sanitizer gels that make all these amazing promises about killing germs on your hands?

I cringe when I have to resort to such gels but I also know I won’t die from using them if necessary.

But once I discovered Dr. Bronners Hand Sanitizer, I was hooked!¬† I loved the clean feeling without that sticky residue after affect.¬† Plus, you can’t go wrong with the smell of lavender too!

In the end, we can never guarantee any hand sanitizer will kill any and all germs our hands are carrying.¬† But at least I won’t feel as guilty using a product which doesn’t contain Triclosan.

The main ingredient which doesn’t even begin to protect against viruses or fungi, Triclosan, should be avoided when soap and water are more readily available.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the best¬† go-to in a necessary situation where washing your hands isn’t possible.¬† But stay away from hand sanitizers with triclosan in it – save your money!

Triclosan is a known endocrine system disruptor and it’s known to amplify testosterone and possibly reduce muscle strength (found in animal studies.)¬† It may also harm the immune system by eliciting antibiotic resistance instead of resisting.¬† Bacteria exposed to triclosan causes further resistance to antibiotics.¬†¬†¬† Studies are still being conducted by the FDA to further review possible human toxicity concerns with triclosan.

So why bother with such unknown effects?¬† Just use an alcohol-based antibacterial spray/gel to get the best ‘clean’ hands.¬† Got dirt too?¬† Sorry, alcohol doesn’t take care of the dirt but a little dirt won’t hurt you, right? ūüôā

DIY Natural Mosquito & Bug Repellent

June 24, 2015

Natural Mosquito Repellent Ingredients

Natural Mosquito Repellent Ingredients

Last fall I was invited to my cousin’s beautiful outdoor wedding here in Phoenix, Arizona.¬† Mosquitos are rare here¬†because it’s so¬†dry but due to excessive rain, it caused an influx of mosquitos throughout the valley.¬† So here this perfectly planned wedding in October was on the verge of being a mosquito fest instead.¬† Needless to say, things ended up turning out great in the end¬†and¬†the crisis was averted.¬† They ended up having¬†a lot of citronella candles and offered bug spray to all the guests as they entered.

My cousin informed me about this issue the day before the wedding.  So this prompted me to search for a natural mosquito repellent using essential oils.  I then grabbed what I had available and made a small mixture of bug spray.  The spray worked perfectly and we were barely bugged at all by the mosquitoes.  The best part about using the natural spray was there is no nasty stinky residue stuck on your skin.  In fact, I even got a few inquiries and compliments about the bug spray too.

The first try with this recipe I used DoTerra Purify essential oil and a little Lemongrass essential oil mixed in witch hazel.  The DoTerra Purify blend contains Lemon, Lime, Pine, Citronella, Melaleuca, and Cilantro essential oils.

For the second try,¬†I’m going to still use Purify and Lemongrass essential oils but this time I’m going to add¬†Geranium and Lavender essential oils as well.

The reason for the additional oils were:

  • ¬†Geranium – helps protect against ticks

(Tea tree could also be used as well or in place of Geranium, whichever you may prefer and/or have on hand)

  • Lemongrass is a must when it comes to mosquito repellent – it goes hand in hand with¬†Citronella oil.

You’ll need a bottle of witch hazel.¬† I bought mine from and it came in a 16 oz. bottle.¬† You’ll find it at your local drug¬†store near the first-aid section.¬† Witch hazel is a natural antiseptic and an astringent.

Other oils which could be used are Peppermint and Cedar wood.

To Make:

  1. Pour witch hazel into a glass jar then add your essential oils.
    1. 15 drops of Purify
    2. 10 of Geranium, 10 Lemongrass and 10 Lavender.
  2. Put cover on jar and shake vigorously until well mixed.
    1. FYI – it’ll be cloudy looking, no worries.
  3. Pour mixture into designated spray bottles using a small funnel.

Directions for Use: Spray on exposed body areas and then rub it in.¬† Keep clear of the face and eyes.¬† If applying to a smaller child, try a small area first to ensure no reaction to any of the ingredients.¬† You could also spray the area around where you’re sitting outside!

There’s great flexibility when it comes to this natural bug repellent and the best part, there’s no need to bathe after use unlike the chemical filled bug sprays.¬† So enjoy this lovely natural scented bug spray the next time you attend an outdoor event.

Save yourself time, money, and your health by making this simple bug repellent!

Estimated Cost to Make:

Witch Hazel – 16 oz. – $4.59

$8 total for all oil drops – This varies in terms of costs for particular essential oils per drop, so this is a rough estimate.

If you’d like to purchase or find further information about any DoTerra Essential oil products, please visit DoTerra Essential Oils.

Coming Soon to Natural Mommas Etsy shop…stay tuned for further details!¬†¬†ūüôā

My Saturday Rant…I’m a Total Lactivist!

June 6, 2015

So recently I’ve been surrounded by expectant mothers at my work, non the less.¬† It actually has been pretty cool and fun.¬† We can all joke about the, ‘don’t drink the water’ that we all hear when there’s a plethora of expectant parents at once.

But what goes on in my mind the most is what I’m really passionate about – breastfeeding.¬† Where I work they are very adaptable when it comes to needing to take nursing breaks to pump.¬† There’s even a separate area with a fridge and locker space too!¬† It really is awesome and I can’t complain compared to what some must overcome in order to pump during their work hours.

If anything I just want these moms to know what would really help going into birthing a child, then feeding them your milk, and beyond.¬† If I hadn’t found the support I had right after my son was born I doubt I would be able to say the same things I can today – that he was breastfed for the first two years of his life.

That experience was my son and I’s first lesson learned together and it was the most amazing, most worth it experience ever!¬† And 95% plus moms can do it, if they really have the determination and support they need in order to succeed!

Just like they say, it takes a village to raise a family, this is so very true.¬† Check out my friends post over at Whole Family Parenting about this concept and how to find your own. ūüôā


When I knew I was going to nurse my son from the very beginning I had this idea in the back of my mind that there’s always a bottle back up. But after having a c-section and really struggling with my son latching, I found a breastfeeding support group that met at the children’s hospital next door once a week.¬† At the time when I was at the hospital they unfortunately didn’t have a lactation specialist but the nurses tried their best to help me.¬† Each time he needed to nurse, I could only use the football hold because of my own healing incisions.¬† But I was determined and because of that determination and stubbornness on my own part, I never gave in and my son and I learned to work together.

It was the best feeling ever but I wasn’t fully confident yet. So my loving mom brought me to this breastfeeding support group days after we were released from the hospital.¬† I had the youngest baby there and was so filled with emotions from all the hormones that I just broke down crying.¬† It was so life-changing in that moment, in that class, it all clicked for me!¬† I got the help I thought I needed, even though it wasn’t help I needed it was encouragement knowing I was doing it right, just had to make a few adjustments.¬† After that hour, I felt SO motivated and inspired to nurse my son.¬† I’m sure it had a little to do with the oxytocin releasing in my brain but that’s what it’s there for. :”)

There’s something like connecting with a group of women who are experiencing similar issues and relating that really helps lift the spirit.¬† I continued this support group once a week for about six months or more and I recommend anyone who’s wanting to breastfeed to find something similar.

We all must stick together and encourage each other through such a journey.  Without such support, most will not succeed as long as they planned.

Now, I must digress here for a moment because I don’t want anyone to think that if they failed at this that they failed as a mother.¬† They certainly haven’t!¬† I just want to share how such support can really, truly go a long way!¬† I gained a wonderful group of female friends whom all ended up creating an online private support group.¬† From there it was endless; we had playdates all the time, shared best practices, vented, you name it. It truly was a saving grace!¬† Especially because I didn’t know anyone else going through what I was, so without this support I would have been SO lost.¬† I don’t have close relatives like most do when raising children so it makes it a whole different scope to deal with.¬† But no matter what your village contains in the end, as long as there’s a little t-pee of a village to help, you’ll be more than grateful for it! I don’t recommend anyone trying to raise a family without a little help from friends and villages ūüôā

We all must stick together – share together – cry together – whatever it may be.¬† Without each other’s help we’re all just strangers living parallel in this crazy universe together.¬† Why not help out when others need help?¬† Why not share when you have nothing else to lose?¬† When we all stick together and help each other out, this world seems a little less stranger and larger than it needs to feel!

And at that, I end my rant but I just really felt like expressing this and I thank anyone who took their own time to read it.¬† Please share with others and be kind to one another ūüôā

FYI РI have decided to not proof read this and just share this time…forgive any errors. Thanks!

Breaking Soap Norms

March 6, 2015

Ever seen an ingredients list like the one here??¬† I remember feeling¬†SO overwhelmed when I first began changing over to chemical free toiletries and such.¬† But once you get a few general facts down, you’ll be a pro and know exactly what to avoid when at the store.¬† Plus, there’s a plethora of online stores that sell great natural products¬†with awesome deals (& free shipping) and your pocket-book will thank you too!¬† ūüôā

I’d like to give a general summary regarding¬†the top¬†ingredients you want steer clear of when shopping for toiletries, soaps, and in general.¬† A long¬†while ago I touched on this subject¬†regarding¬†‘Top Ingredients to Avoid‘ but since have learned loads more!¬† The only hard thing is that there are so many long, hard to pronounce words to remember.¬† So I’m going to try my hardest to make it easier for you…

Top Toxic Chemicals to Avoid Parabens



PEG Ceteareth

Polyethylene compounds

PEG # or -eth in the middle)

DMDM hydantoin

Diazolinyl urea

Benzalkonium chloride

Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)

Diethanolamine (DEA)

Here’s a very general definition of a few popular ingredients without over doing it.¬† All info has been provided by – which is the encyclopedias of all things regarding ingredients and beyond!

  • Polyethylene Glycol – PEG – widely used in conditioners, moisturizers, deodorants, etc.¬† Also used in pharmaceuticals as laxatives.¬† Can be contaminated with 1, 4-dioxane, which can cause cancer.
  • Parabens – which as used as a preservative.¬† Any word ending in “paraben” ie. Methylparaben.
  • Diethanolamine (DEA) – a pH balancer, contaminate, and non-reproductive organ concerns.¬† DEA compounds are used mainly to make things look creamier or sudsier.
  • Triethanolamine (TREA) – surfactant, pH adjusting chemical.
  • DMDM Hydantoin – formaldehyde releaser
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) – may be contaminated with potentially toxic manufacturing impurities, such as 1, 4-dioxane, which may cause cancer.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – (SLES) – in products that foam such as shampoo, cleansers, bubble bath, etc.
  • Triclosan – popular antibacterial agent and preservative; possible endocrine toxins.
  • Triclocarban – a deodorant agent, preservative and possible endocrine disruptor

-> See Environmental Working Group @ for further information about anything you ever wanted to know about products, chemicals and much more.

–> Make¬†your first, easy, cheap, and chemical free change with¬†your very own laundry detergent, which I’ve¬†written about here.¬†{Homemade Cleaning Products ‚Äď Part II}

To Make Laundry Detergent

I am always about my bottom dollar – so when it comes¬†to organic or not, natural or not, I¬†have my own decisioning list¬†to help me.¬† When it comes to personal toiletry products and¬†other health items, I will glance at¬†my local¬†store(s) then I’ll see whether¬†can beat the price or not.¬†¬†Nine times out of ten, Vitacost¬†wins.¬†¬†Plus, Vitacost¬†has¬†uber quick delivery (like Amazon¬†quick) and you can easily get various discount codes, free shipping, etc….I love it!¬† Plus, their brand has great ratings so a lot of the times I’ll same more by choosing their brand instead.

Anyways,¬†save the shortened list above¬†of some of the ‘top¬†toxic chemicals to¬†avoid’ when searching for products.¬† Even better: Save it to a notes app on your¬†phone –¬†to have easy access when you’re at the store.¬† Then soon enough, you’ll¬†be amazed at how quickly you can spot such ingredients from the top 12¬†list of ingredients and beyond.¬†¬†You’ll also be able to decipher which prices/products are better for your dollar and health.

With that being said, remember the shorter the list the better in more ways than one!¬† ūüôā


Here’s a few of my favorite go-to places,¬†brands, and beyond:

Mountain Rose Herbs – Organic herbs, and much more! Excellent suggestion – split with friends to save on their shipping costs!

DoTerra Essential Oils & Young Living Essential Oils


Vitacost Рmy personal favorites ordering list of all my top used toiletries (not paid for mentioning):

Nubian Heritage – shea butter, bar soap, lotion, etc.

Burt’s Bees



Dr. Bronner’s

Vitamins РVitacost Brand and lots of others sold; great prices!

Probiotics Рwhich even come with ice packs to keep cool and fresh! 

Don’t forget Amazon too!¬† As much as I research various places before purchasing, I always make sure to check Amazon too.

At the end of the day, you’re not going to keel over because of the soap¬†you used yesterday, but empowering yourself to make better choices one¬†less ingredient¬†at a time is empowering in itself.

So go empower yourself to make better choices for you, your family, and beyond!

Making a Facial Toner – Part 2

February 7, 2015

About a month ago I started a ‘tincture’ containing¬†a bunch of herbs soaked in an apple cider vinegar while basking in the sun as much as possible and shaken¬†once a day.¬† {Making your own Facial Toner – Part 1}

Now that a month has passed, it’s time to complete the making of this facial toner, so let’s get started!




Items You’ll Need:


Tall container

Rubber binder

Witch Hazel

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

Dark tinted glass container for storage (1 year shelf life when stored in cool, dry location)


1. Affix rubber binder and folded cheese cloth over the tall container.¬† Then slowly pour contents from the tincture jar onto the ‘strainer’. You’ll probably end up straining in batches depending upon your container size.¬† No problem.¬† In fact, do this a few times to get the most out of the¬†vinegar tincture.


If you end up with a few extra pieces in your strained vinegar mix, just grab a little strainer and strain liquid one last time before mixing.



2.¬† Next, you’ll mix equal parts vinegar¬†(in this case 2 1/2 cups) from the tincture¬†and witch hazel together.¬† Stir well.








3.  Then add just a few drops of Carrot seed essential oil and Geranium essential oil into the mix.  Stir well again.


4.  Grab a little funnel if you want and pour mix into separate glass bottles or containers.

WIN_20150206_015230 WIN_20150206_020621







Directions: When using after washing face, dabble onto cotton ball and wipe across entire face area.  This will help remove any excess dirt and oil missed, and help refresh and tighten skin too.

The wonderfulness about witch hazel is that it doesn’t have that drying affect like alcohol based toners do.¬† With all the benefits from the herbs to the apple cider vinegar & help from¬†the essential oils, the benefits are endless!¬†¬†I promise you¬†this toner¬†does wonders,¬†without the drying effects that alcohol toners cause.¬† Your skin will feel amazingly¬†refreshed, clean, and toned!

If you’re interested in trying this organic rose herbal toner, I have it for sale NOW¬†at the Natural Mommas Etsy Shop.¬† For a limited time, it’s ON SALE for $8 through March 31, 2015 (And if you’re local in Phoenix, save on shipping and come pick up your order up for FREE!)¬† Also, get 20% off with WELCOME14 on orders over $20!!

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