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New Chapter, New Beginnings

March 1, 2017


‘Things always happen for a reason’ ‘Time heals all wounds’

Those cliché phrases we have all heard and said at some point in our lives because sometimes there just isn’t anything else to say to help them feel better.


Yet, for the person who is enduring that life change and hears these phrases, certainly doesn’t believe it at the time. However, time truly does heal most wounds. Time can either zoom right past us in the blink of an eye or time can crawl by like a sloth.

What I’m attempting to express here is that my life as I knew it, which I had built together with my fiancé – came crashing down shortly after Halloween. One morning we’re all carving pumpkins together as a family; by that evening we were on the straight path towards no reconciliation.

Since then, my life has taken more than a 180 degree turn for what I most definitely know is for the best!

I truly believe in the phrase “It all happens for a reason” and I am living through that proof! We all are!

My son, who is now 6, and I, live together with our two cats while he spends weekends with his Dad.

As these last few months have quickly passed and time is permitting a sense of normalcy again, I can truly tell myself and believe that I will come out of this a better and stronger person! In fact, I already can feel that sense of strength building but know that it certainly won’t happen overnight. “Time heals most wounds.”

I have gone through a plethora of emotions – dug deep and dark through some difficult feelings but at the end of the day, when I look at my son, that’s all I need to see to regenerate myself into the next day and beyond.

And as each day begins new, that feeling of fresh beginnings and freedom become stronger and brighter!

From here – there’s no telling what the future holds – The sky’s the limit! 🙂

I’m excited to reveal my very first DIY video on how to make chapstick very soon! Just working on the finishing touches, so please check back again soon!!

Thank you so much,

Natural Mommas Jen



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