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You Know You’re A Mom When…….

March 13, 2012

I wanted to post this wonderful list created by the mommies group I’m a part of.  We have a private Facebook group where we can post questions, comments, frustrations, and everything else in between.  We also get together frequently for play dates and fun activities with the kiddos.  It’s such an awesome group of women!  Here’s the perfect list to read if you need a good laugh or having “one of those days”.  I thought it would be a fun post, enjoy!

You know you’re a mom when…

    • Your child vomits all over you and your first response is “are you okay?”
    • You get to the car ~ you have the baby, diapers, wipes, toys, sippy cup, snack, your pocketbook with wallet, phone & NO KEYS… Whoops !!!!
    • Wearing jeans = a special occasion / dressing up
    • You feel well rested after 4 hours of sleep
    • Your shirt becomes his Kleenex, and you are ok with that
    • A wait at a doctor’s office (baby free) is like a vacation. When they call your name you actually ask them for 5 more minutes…
    • You find yourself saying things like “p.u. Daddy has stinky toots!”
    • Sesame Street and Barney are no longer distant memories.
    • You prepare 4-5 meals a day and somehow still forget to eat.
    • You pick up giant turds with your bare hands that roll out of the diaper as you acrobatically change the diaper in the car.
    • When you listen to baby lullaby music in the car when the baby isn’t even in the car.
    • All your commitments are “tentative” now and revolve entirely around nap schedules.
    • You are suddenly aware of the teeming bacteria and germs on every single surface on Earth.
    • You have to choose your outfit based on nursing convenience.
    • You often pass up date night because you don’t want to be out late or pay 2x as much for an evening out because of a babysitter.
    • You’ll never be able to fully relax until you’re dead.
    • You dread the second birthday because you finally have to cough up an additional $300+ to fly with your kid.
    • You make certain meals not because it’s exactly what you want, but so it’s child friendly…good bye super spicy or anything crunchy and hard!
    • You get Little Einstein’s theme song or Elmo’s World song stuck in your head.
    • When it drives you crazy to be with them, but is pure torture to be without them!!! That overwhelming love!
    • You forgot what enjoying a shower feels like, even when you get 5 minutes to yourself your always wondering what the baby is doing.
    • You feel guilty for letting your mom watch your kid and send you out for me time.
    • You are so tired or rushed when showering that you either forget to wash your hair or you forget to rinse out the conditioner!!
    • When I am brushing my teeth and I start singing brush up, brush up, brush up.
    • When you get a chance to go shopping alone, you find yourself talking to yourself because you’re so used to talking to your toddler the whole time! You start referring to yourself as “we” all the time, even when you’re not talking about something to do with your baby! You’re suddenly capable of striking up a conversation with any mom/pregnant lady when you’ve never been good at small talk before.
    • You have to plan your next drink around your nursing schedule
    • You can’t remember what “free time” is. Seriously, what is that?
    • You wish you had taken a picture of your house pre-baby – clean house? I don’t know what that is either…
    • You are waaaaay more compassionate toward babies on planes.
    • When you get a chance to go run errands by yourself, you find places to go just to go browse around because you don’t know the next time you might be able to do so. You prioritize your life around nap schedules so that you can get at least one thing accomplished a day, if you’re lucky! And then the hubby comes home and asks what you did today, you struggle to think of anything you actually did except change diapers and do dishes constantly.
    • When every time you leave your house you have 3 large tote bags & your purse & you don’t find that to be ridiculous at all.
    • When you walk out the house having not looked in the mirror, to later find that you had blackberry smoothie on your nose, from sharing one with your child earlier.
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