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Top Ingredients to Avoid

August 7, 2012

There was a huge interest about making your own cleaning solutions that I wanted to include one other bit of information.  Also, I have a plethora of other homemade solutions for the body that I want to share soon but first I wanted to try them myself before I recommend them.  So stay tuned!  Some upcoming recipes include: sugar scrub, probiotic deoderant, eye makeup remover, and a few others.  I think I have found my new passion – making my own solutions for the body and house and beyond!  Once I realized how easy and cheap it is to make my own remedies, it’s hard to buy the commercial counterparts again when the homemade remedies work just a good but with less long-term effects (ie. harsh chemicals, etc.).  I am all about saving money while also being Eco-friendly and using the least amount of harsh chemicals on my body and my families as possible.  There is definitely something said for returning back to how people used to live before all the huge companies and consumerism took over.  If there are ways which I can save money AND prevent further exposure to all the chemicals to my family then I will do it, even if it means taking a little time and investment to purchase a few rare ingredients.  After realizing how simple homemade cleaning and other products are to make, I will never return to paying for the overpriced, chemical filled products again!  I hope you will also continue discovering new remedies to make and share them with us here!  🙂  I must thank for your inspiration and ideas that have inspired me on my newly found adventure!

There was a recent article I had read reading the top ingredients that one should avoid in terms of their harshness and cancer-causing factors.  I wanted to list them here however I am unfortunately unable to find the article again to cite for further information.  So I am going to list the ingredients to bring them to your attention and hope that you look at the ingredients in the products you use to see if these are in them.  Go here to search each item further so you can educate yourself about what these chemicals are doing to your body each time you apply them on your skin.  Remember that your skin is one of your largest organs and it’s very important to also care for your skin as much as you care for your diet, etc. too!



Oxybenzone (sunscreen)

PEG, ceteareth & polyethylene compounds (PEG-# & -eth

DMDM Hydantoin & Diazolinylured (o?)

Benzalkonium chloride

Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

Diethanolamine (DEA)

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