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Here I come Etsy!

February 28, 2014
Natural Mommas Products Preview

Natural Mommas Products Preview

I have felt so disconnected with my little blog since the holiday season quickly scrambled by.  Then my work erupted with busyness followed by birthday celebrations and family visiting – so life’s been pretty hectic!  But in between all this madness, however, I have been slowly working on a few projects in my “spare time.”  One of those projects has been experimenting with making my own toiletries.  I’ve had such a FUN time, learned so much, and LOVED the results, to the point that I felt a calling to share these AMAZING products with others!  My niche has been found (for now, at least).

So I am VERY excited and HAPPY to announce that I am opening a little Etsy ‘shop’ to sell some of the homemade products I’ve made!!  🙂


I’ve become quite frugal since my son was born (he just turned 3).  It was right around that time where I truly realized and became more aware of all the ‘unknown’ and other harmful chemicals that have invaded our everyday products.  Knowing I was now responsible or ‘making’ and raising a child, I found myself changing a lot of my ways, starting with the toiletries I used on and around my body.  First to change were the products I used everyday on my skin (soap, body lotion, deodorant).  I didn’t want to pass onto my child all the countless harmful chemicals in the products I used, which are known to have long term negative affects.  (At the same time I also switched the cleaning products I used around the house and laundry detergent).  It was an instant no-brainer for me and from then on I have gradually shifted towards using and making my own products.  If I buy something I will only get particular products which are free of all the unnecessary chemicals, like parabens.  (I’ll get into all these details in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!)


Long story short…..I’m hoping that by sharing what I’ve learned, this will help others make more educated choices for themselves and their family, starting from the outside-in, our skin, which is the largest organ in the human body.  I want to enlighten others about ways to make simple changes that will make HUGE differences in the long run!  I would love to bring further awareness about our options beyond store shelves and turn that awareness back inward within our own household shelves – getting back to the basics!

Knowledge truly IS power!  Sharing IS caring.  Knowing IS half the battle.  The rest IS just history, so ENJOY THE JOURNEY AND SHARE TOGETHER! 

I am so excited to announce this news and I can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks!  So please stay tuned….

Right now I am completing the labels for the products and a few other odds and ends.  Then I most certainly plan on sharing my secrets about the products I’ve made in the near future.

And if you haven’t done so already, please be sure to ‘subscribe’ to my blog and ‘like’ me on Facebook, so you get all the latest updates!

Much Thanks,

Natural Mommas

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