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Part 2: The ‘Goods’ Intentions

April 19, 2014

Howdy again friends – I hope all is quiet on the western front, wherever you may be…

So now that you have a little background info about my little journey to the present {Part 1: Intro & Basics}, I’m happy to share the products you can also enjoy and try in the Etsy shop soon!  (I promise this will be my last post chatting about upcoming things… Life has gotten a little hectic with purchasing our first house and my other half needing surgery.  We’re hoping the curveballs are done for a bit so we can catch up but for now we’re just taking things day by day.)

The Products

I want to share with others my collection of homemade products I make and use on a regular basis because I believe these products will transform your skin back to its original glow and radiance you’ve been missing and you’ll feel rejuvenated!  I absolutely LOVE these products and swear by them (otherwise I wouldn’t be using them, right?!) and I want others to experience the ease and freshness that homemade products provide!  You’ll begin to notice the amazing healing powers that earthly ingredients can provide in comparison to the chemically ridden brand name products.

And YES, they really do work – marvelously in fact. 🙂 

Also, once you realize how EASY it is to make your own products, you’ll be absolutely amazed and hooked (like I am)!

It’s not only how each product feels but it’s also knowing what you’re putting on your skin.  Everything is completely natural and free of harsh chemicals and additives – leaving you with a much more refreshing, relieving, and rejuvenated self! 

The products I plan on selling in my Etsy shop will be…

  • Sugar scrubs
  • Whipped Shea Butter
  • Herbal Rose Facial Toner
  • Herbal Hair Rinse/Conditioner
  • Probiotic Deodorant
  • Chapsticks
  • DIY Laundry & Dishwasher Detergent Starter Kits

I’m SO excited to share these amazing products – I know you’ll LOVE them all!

There will most certainly be future blog posts about each of these products I make and sell, as well as various other recipes and topics exploring ways to choose a less-chemical ridden path toward natures beauty and beyond!

Up and Coming…

So while I’m patiently waiting for the final touches to come together for the products (waiting on the logo to be finished…), I thank you for your patience and invite you to please check out my very first attempt at making Chapstick here {My First Attempt at Making Chapstick} – Its Burt’s Bees recipe – it rocks!  🙂    

Also, stay tuned for upcoming topics here at Natural Mommas about how to save even more money for your family, learn more about the healing powers of essential oils, and beyond!  Check out some of my tips here {Couponing 101} and you can even start making your own LIQUID laundry detergent {Homemade Cleaning Products} & save LOADS of money instantly!  (I’ll be selling a DIY Starter Kit for laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent in the Etsy shop too!  It’s the perfect kit to help you jump-start your way into making your own cleaning products & beyond!)  

I have a few Guest Bloggers lined up as well and I’m always open for more guest bloggers – so please feel free to contact me. 🙂

I am also very excited to host the very first GIVEAWAY to celebrate the ‘Grand Opening’ of the ‘Natural Mommas Etsy shop’ – so stay tuned for more information regarding how to win BIG!!

My Final Thoughts

We all have something worth sharing and by sharing with others and beyond, we can empower each other to be even more knowledgeable and creative, thus passing that on and on, for generations to come.  We are all here together, all the same, for one purpose; so let’s enjoy each other’s differences together by further discovering and sharing our knowledge for one common goal – to better ourselves for future generations to come!

Natural Mommas is a space I hope lots find to be informative, inspiring, and worth sharing with others too!  I must say though I am by FAR not an expert, professional, chemist, nor doctor, so please seek professional advice for any health related concerns first.

I most certainly didn’t learn all of this on my own – a lot was through research from other websites, bloggers, friends, and my own experimentation – have brought me to where I am today.  With that being said, I ask that you please reciprocate and give proper credit when sharing from my blog, as I reciprocate the credit where credit is due as well.  I have put in many long hours towards sharing my passion with others and doing my small part for a less-chemical ridden world.  I thank you for taking the time to support Natural Mommas.  It is much appreciated from the bottom of my heart!  I would love to hear others’ stories, information, and tips, etc. so please comment, share, converse 🙂

I am so anxious for everything to come together for the Etsy shop but there are a LOT of little odds and ends that still need to be done.  My original goal was to have the shop officially opened by early May and to be shipping one of many Etsy orders soon after that!  However, there have been a few life changes recently that have forced me to set things here to the way side for a little bit.  So by June I think life may somewhat return to normalcy and I can concentrate again on the Etsy shop.  YAY, I can’t wait!!

I’m hoping that others love my products and their results as much as I do.  I believe it’s about feeling good about yourself from the inside-out; it’s about empowerment, and knowing that you ARE making the right choices for the best future ever.

Warm Wishes,

Your Natural Momma, Jen

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