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A New Desk, A New Space

December 24, 2014

After our recent move {about 7 months ago} I lost any designated ‘work area’ I had but recently I have gained my own space back again YAY!!  I feel like everyone needs that niche place where they feel comfortable enough and in their ‘zone’.  I found this awesome, simple, wood desk from this app called ‘Offer Up’, which is a new place to sell and buy stuff.  I just wanted a simple desk, which is apparently hard to find these days, but I was so excited to finally find exactly what I was hunting for, in a great price range too!  So check out my new ‘creation’ space:20141223_014641

I’m a very scatterbrained type so in order to feel the groove and organized, I need to have a place to call ‘my space‘.  I wanted a desk where I could move it into our extra room when there’s not a bed in there for guests.  For now though the desk is in our room and I’m enjoying having a desk and space to call my own.  🙂  The best part is – I’m able to incorporate the exercise ball I’ve had for a while which as been collecting dust, as a work desk – so it’s perfect!  {The only drawback having the desk in the bedroom though is hubby snoring once he goes to bed…}

Some writers get writers block, I get ‘space block’.  If I don’t feel at home within ‘my space’ then I have to re-vamp my settings.  I probably do this to cope with writers block, however I feel it’s necessary before true writing can happen for me.  🙂  Not that I can’t write any other place, I just prefer a desk space where I know I don’t have to pick up when I’m done.  Some of my other favorite places to write are: outside, the kitchen table or outside.  I find comfort with natural noises like animals, people walking by, traffic buzzing along and when its pitch black out and only the full moon and stars are shining above.  Such a great time to create and be outside – my favorite!  But I digress….

Do you have a special place you enjoy creating?  I would love to hear about it! I hope there’s a few others like me out there?  Maybe you cope with space in your own ways… please share below!  🙂


My other drawback to writing has been electronics.  I am cursed with the worst of luck.  My actual laptop (a Dell) is no longer reliable enough to work on for any long period of time due to multiple issues that aren’t worth the headache anymore to fix.  And if I am able to use it, it’s just luck until some program stops working on me!  Long story short, I now use my Surface RT as my main device and my hubby’s computer if I need an actual computer (since mine’s technically a tablet).

So whether its a space issue or a technical issue, I always feel like something is bogging me down from creating and writing.  But things are on the upswing and I’m excited for all 2015 has to bring!!

I appreciate the continued support!  Be on the lookout for more blog posts now that I have ‘my space‘ up and running!   🙂

I hope each and everyone of you enjoyed the holiday season and brought the New Years in with a Bang!!  Happy 2015 and beyond 🙂


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